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Diane Snyder reviewed David Fuller Karate
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Between Dave Fuller's karate and after school program he is the best. Get your children there. Self esteem plus

Amy Buchmann reviewed David Fuller Karate
via Facebook

Awesome after school care program!

Jennie Bunn reviewed David Fuller Karate
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My two sons have both trained with David and his team. Excellent program in every way. I highly recommend it for kids of all ages as well as young adults. More than just a karate studio, it's a community.

Rob Paine reviewed David Fuller Karate
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All instructors are awesome! Love these guys!

Luis Morales reviewed David Fuller Karate
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Master Fuller is an amazing teacher. His caring, natural teaching style is full of respect, humor, and sensitivity. He expects his students to learn not only the karate moves, but to take the lessons of focusing and respect out to the classroom and the world. Miss Stephanie is wonderful. She, too, expects the students to focus during class and respect one another.

If you are looking for an activity where your son or daughter will get exercise, learn self-defense techniques, make friends, and learn long lasting life lessons that reenforce what you and their teachers are teaching them, David Fuller Karate is the place.

Amanda Daley reviewed David Fuller Karate
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Master Fuller has a gift for engaging children and keeping the laughs flowing while teaching valuable life skills.

Joe Harahan reviewed David Fuller Karate
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My daughter has been in this program for four months now, and we love it!
She’s very anxious, so we thought if we could get her into it it would be a huge step forward in her confidence. It has been great!
Master Fuller is amazing with the kids, and is teaching that through his other instructors as well.
I went from watching my little girl want to do this, but was too nervous to step out on the mat (for a few weeks), to now - overhearing her practicing in her room excited for her next class. TANG SOO!
If you’re thinking about it, do it.

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Parenting a Shy Child

Parenting the Shy Child



In a world that highly values the traits of extroverted individuals, shy children are often assumed to have something wrong that needs to be fixed. However, shyness is simply a personality trait that is part of their temperament. Children are born with unique personalities, although the environment can play a significant role in how these traits present as the child develops. What is apparent is that shyness falls on a continuum, where children have varying levels of this trait. The important thing is to remember that different character attributes should be embraced to appreciate the unique way a shy child interacts with the world around them.


Children are wired with a variety of traits, and these things affect all areas of their life. Shyness is a trait that most parents are concerned about because they feel their child doesn’t have a good self-image. However, many shy children have a strong self-concept. They are often deep-thinkers and great listeners but also very protective of their inner peace. Shy children with a healthy confidence are polite, happy, and make eye contact. They are just simply quiet and slow to warm up to novel situations and people. And yes, more extreme shyness traits can cause concern, such as avoiding eye contact, behavior problems, and excessive fear. This is when adults need to step in and help.


The key to nurturing a child’s shy personality is avoiding labels and forcing the shyness out of them. This will make them feel like they don’t fit in and think that something is wrong. Instead, be patient and let their personality develop naturally, encouraging them along the way. Appreciating the beautiful qualities of a shy child that is caring and sensitive will make them shine brighter. And when shyness is so extreme, that is genuinely a cause for concern. Exhibiting patience with children and helping them role-play positive social scenarios will be a much more positive approach than forcing them into uncomfortable situations unprepared.


Encouraging environments are vital to the individual development of a child’s personality. Adults must understand that children have different temperaments and traits and that given the best settings, they can develop to their best potential. The SKILLZ Child Development program was created with a whole-child, individualistic approach in mind. Accepting children where they are in development and adapting a way to nurture their temperament is how the Pediatric Ninja Specialists help cultivate happy, successful children. Establishing a supportive setting where role-modeling positive social interactions help even the shyest of children develop their personalities with confidence.


Removing judgment and a “fix it” mentality when interacting with shy children will go a long way in reinforcing a positive self-image and helping confidence develop. Nurturing a child’s innate traits will be a more successful approach than attempting to change them, which can have irreversible, long-term effects. Patience and support will allow a shy child’s inner peace to shine so that everyone around them can see it glow.