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Diane Snyder reviewed David Fuller Karate
via Facebook

Between Dave Fuller's karate and after school program he is the best. Get your children there. Self esteem plus

Amy Buchmann reviewed David Fuller Karate
via Facebook

Awesome after school care program!

Jennie Bunn reviewed David Fuller Karate
via Facebook

My two sons have both trained with David and his team. Excellent program in every way. I highly recommend it for kids of all ages as well as young adults. More than just a karate studio, it's a community.

Rob Paine reviewed David Fuller Karate
via Facebook

All instructors are awesome! Love these guys!

Luis Morales reviewed David Fuller Karate
via Facebook

Master Fuller is an amazing teacher. His caring, natural teaching style is full of respect, humor, and sensitivity. He expects his students to learn not only the karate moves, but to take the lessons of focusing and respect out to the classroom and the world. Miss Stephanie is wonderful. She, too, expects the students to focus during class and respect one another.

If you are looking for an activity where your son or daughter will get exercise, learn self-defense techniques, make friends, and learn long lasting life lessons that reenforce what you and their teachers are teaching them, David Fuller Karate is the place.

Amanda Daley reviewed David Fuller Karate
via Facebook

Master Fuller has a gift for engaging children and keeping the laughs flowing while teaching valuable life skills.

Joe Harahan reviewed David Fuller Karate
via Facebook

My daughter has been in this program for four months now, and we love it!
She’s very anxious, so we thought if we could get her into it it would be a huge step forward in her confidence. It has been great!
Master Fuller is amazing with the kids, and is teaching that through his other instructors as well.
I went from watching my little girl want to do this, but was too nervous to step out on the mat (for a few weeks), to now - overhearing her practicing in her room excited for her next class. TANG SOO!
If you’re thinking about it, do it.

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Our latest news & thoughts


Have you ever heard the expression “live in the moment”? Today’s youth may know it better as “YOLO” – You Only Live Once. Its message is to stop dwelling on the past & fretting about what may happen. Enjoy your life in the moment, because what is here today may be gone tomorrow.

Remember that there are things you enjoy with her now that you won’t be able to enjoy later. How does it feel to hold her in your arms and carry her, Beloved? Do you remember caressing her bald head?

Smile by Tariq Al Haydar

This quote is from an article about a divorced father about the time spent with his child. Kids grow up, & there are certain parts of childhood that stay in childhood. You do not get to enjoy them again as parents. I still miss swaddling my daughter.

As adults, we may think to apply this to ourselves. We may think that since we didn’t try something in youth that we should move on. We had the chance to try it then. We should have enjoyed it then. We are grown now. Let’s “live in the moment”.


Maybe. But thinking of goals unfulfilled from the past can be motivational. There is a (false) belief out there that karate is only for kids. Sure, it is for kids. But karate is also for everyone…including you, the adult, the parent.


We can help you with a great intro program, convenient locations, & flexible schedule. Fulfill that goal you had as a child. Live in the moment!



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